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We offer

  • Affordable payment plans with a variety of payment terms
  • Flexibility for taxpayers allowing more time to resolve delinquency
  • Lower and more affordable interest rates compared to the county
  • Alternative hardship plans for owners experiencing financial distress

We’re helping thousands of property owners save their properties from foreclosure with workable repayment plans for their tax debt.

Treating all property owners with respect, we manage cases according to individual circumstances. Our aim is to provide you with options to resolve delinquencies. We will afford you additional time to remedy any financial hardships that may have given rise to the delinquency. Working with you, we will seek to develop a manageable payment arrangement to avoid foreclosure.

We’re in your corner.

Fast and reliable response to any inquiry

We’re here to help you. Our seasoned team provides same day customer service for general calls.

The Tax Ease Ohio Call Center offers extended hours:

Mondays to Fridays from 7AM to 6PM EST
Call us on (866)-907-2626

Easy online access to account information and payment portal

    • Payments posted to accounts, account details, and status
    • Certificate detail such as purchase dates and amounts
    • Request and download payoffs
    • Payment plans and certificates
    • Detailed foreclosure status for cases assigned to an attorney
    • Online payments

Contact us today to avoid paying property tax penalties and collection fees, or risk losing your home or business altogether. We will work with you to avoid foreclosure.

Find out how we can assist you with a customized payment plan.