Treasurer Resource Tax Ease Ohio

Treasurer Resource

Our sizable team of seasoned professionals has a thorough understanding of the Ohio tax lien market and county tax treasurers’ standards and protocols. More than half of the counties in Ohio work with Tax Ease to recover delinquent taxes.


Our approach

Our approach to tax lien investing provides a viable avenue for sustained and improved collections without the reputational risks associated with alternative or unproven investment strategies.

  • We invest in tax liens responsibly
  • We conduct proper due diligence prior to a purchase
  • We evaluate probability of receiving payoff based off occupancy, property value, and condition and review all other aspects to avoid overly aggressive pricing and buying

Tax Ease undoubtedly has the most experience in Ohio.

Why Tax Ease Ohio

  • Leader in the industry
  • Highly proficient team with the most experience in Ohio
  • Recognized as one of the largest and most successful tax lien platforms
  • 25 years of tax lien experience
  • Investing in Ohio since 2010
  • Long-term revenue source

Tax Ease has a highly effective collection history in Ohio

  • High percentage of collections
  • Low percentage of foreclosures
  • Lower percentage of REO
  • REO managed responsibly